Where Do DJs Get Their Music?

Something that surely many of the new DJs wonder is where or on what pages they can search, buy or download music, but today it is much easier than you imagine.

One of the best places to search and download music is Soundeo, this is the one I like to use, but I will tell you other alternatives and options that I also use and that might interest you like Bandcamp, Beatport, and more.

Now we are going to divide this guide into two parts, in the first you will know the places where you can search for music and in the second part, you will discover where to get the music you like the most (either paid or free).

Search or discover music

Discovering that new song or finding the track that you like, that track that you can’t wait to place on the dance floor or in one of your sets, is the most exciting part of a DJ’s life. Understanding the essence of each song is an extraordinary experience because if you mix them in harmony with other similar songs you will get the best set or surely you will have people on the dance floor dancing uncontrollably. But there are many ways to expand your musical knowledge to find those new tracks or the ideal track.


It has the reputation of being a nest of established talents and new emerging goodies, following your favorite artists on Soundcloud is the best way to keep updated with their new releases. In such a way that you will always be at the forefront with the music of the genre of your choice. Sometimes artists can offer remixes or some of their original tracks for free download that will usually always only be available for the first few downloads or for an unlimited time, or you can also find some of their DJ sets for download.


Since its launch in 2005, it has evolved from being the platform for watching funny cat videos to being the platform with the largest amount of audiovisual content in the world, and by that, we also mean the music industry. Every major artist these days has a presence on YouTube in some way, making it a great way to search or discover music.

If you follow your favorite artists or record labels, you can stay on top of their latest releases just by turning on new content notifications, or simply browse the extensive release catalog. Another way that is used very often or at least one of the most used is to play the suggested videos that will surely lead you to tracks or other similar artists.

There are also endless mixes with playlists not only from DJs but also from fans, as well as the great music festivals worldwide that will upload their presentations or events to YouTube so you can listen to what tracks they are currently using and get it.

Music Streaming Services

A great way to discover new music is with Spotify. Most artists and record labels will have up-to-date playlists that you can also follow to keep up to date. But that’s not all, users can also create their own playlists and that could be a great gold mine since they will surely have other artists that you do not know or surely the theme that you had searched for so much but did not have the slightest bit. The idea of who is the author or the name of the topic.

Spotify has two versions, one free and one paid, so make sure you try it first so you know if it is worth paying the subscription, I personally use the paid version and one of its advantages is that I can load the playlists at home. and listen to them outside of it without the need for the internet, but that depends on your tastes.


Many of the DJs can have a regular program (weekly, biweekly…) where they highlight the tracks they are currently enjoying or their upcoming releases, these podcasts are hosted on a wide variety of platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud among others. They also offer the information or list of some of the tracks that they are using in their DJ Sets, so following and being aware of these shows is a great way to discover the music that suits your tastes.

Digital Radios

Starting with the DJs or record labels you already know is a good way to start your process of discovering music, however, there will be times when you want to expand your horizons and this is where digital radio can be a good option. With the wide variety of options available, you can select the music genres that interest you and let the music play. Then in the course of playback take note of the tracks that catch your eye, this is a good way to discover new music for your library.

Here are a couple of radios that you can check out:

Social Media

Surely this is the least indicated resource or it surely does not count as a resource, but whatever your point of view, social networks can have a great impact and as is also expected, they will keep you updated on the latest news from your artists, DJs or Favorite record labels. The main platforms or social networks (for clipping only) are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are also a lot of groups on Facebook with a lot of artists sharing content on them. So be sure to join a few and keep up with their posts.

Where Do DJs Find Their Music?

Now that you know where to discover or look for that music that you like so much, it’s time to answer the question of where DJs get our music from. Sure, there are endless options available to you and some of these services can also be of great help in discovering music. Most allow you to see current trends and will give you recommendations based on their purchases or their recent views. If unfortunately, you have a tight budget there are some options to get free music or paying a low membership which will help you build your library or collection. Now let’s see what are the options to get the music we want so much and to create the Playlist of that long-awaited DJ Set.

Where Can I Buy Digital Music DJ?

In the first instance there are the different places or website where you can buy music digitally, so most of these will be for download and there are also some options for vinyl lovers.

Registration or Subscription Groups

These groups are very popular when it comes to where their DJs get their music from. For a beginning DJ, it may not be the place to be in certain bands or websites of this type, as these groups are generally reserved for DJs who work or have a bit of notoriety in the industry. Of course, the prices of these services or subscriptions may vary. But not everything has to be this way, Soundeo is one of these platforms and offers several premium options that for me are very good and the truth is that the price is very accessible (around 9.99 USD per month).

iTunes / Amazon Music

Unless you’ve been living under the sewers, you will know iTunes and Amazon Music. Both platforms offer a wide variety of music (both old and new). You can also download music in high-quality files something that you can use in your DJ Sets without any problem. You can also integrate your playlists with some mixing software and play your music faster.


Without a doubt one of the biggest and most popular music platforms where DJs get their music is Beatport. It has a very extensive catalog and a great selection of new releases from all the major record labels. Besides, it allows you to download higher-quality audio formats if you want uncompressed files. Beatport also offers suggestions for similar tracks and some playlists created by great DJs.


And speaking about electronic music, if for some weird thing you didn’t get to look for the track you wanted so much on Beatport it could surely be on JunoDownload. By offering a service quite similar to that of Beatport, it also has a large selection and uncompressed music formats. As well as offering playlists and recommendations.


It is one of the most famous websites to compare vinyl and if you got to listen to a song that you liked and you do not get it in digital format it is because it is surely available only on vinyl and if so, Deejay.de is the right place. This is because their music library is very large and the artists that you can discover here are very good. The player on this page allows you to preview each song and to make it much better it also lets us adjust the BPM.

Where do DJs download their music for free?

There are tons of ways you can get music without paying money. Independent artists, and those yet to be discovered, sometimes offer their music for free download. Sometimes big-name artists or record labels will give some freebies (free downloads). So let’s get to know what these platforms are.


As we mentioned earlier, Soundcloud can be a great help to get free music. Sometimes you will need to like the artist’s Facebook page or follow him on both Soundcloud and Instagram, but apart from that, there are not many conditions (unless you log in with your Soundcloud account to be able to download the theme).

Independent Artist Centers

There are some well-known independent artist centers. And we can say that one of them is Bandcamp, which offers some free tracks or even tracks that you will determine how much to pay (as a kind of tip so to speak). It may also involve subscribing to the artist’s newsletters. Remember that independent artists strive to expose themselves and you can find a lot of very good quality music on these websites. Having these kinds of unfamiliar tracks can also set you apart from other new DJs.

Free Music Archive

With over 300,000 free tracks available, the Free Free Music Archive can be a great way to get free music for your DJ Sets and dancefloor performances. There is a wide variety of genres available and you will surely be able to find the themes or rhythms you want to surprise your audience.

Now that you are on the right track, it is time to find enough water and cookies because surely you will not detach from your computer looking and looking for music.

In my case, I really like to use Soundeo to find and download my music (MP3 / WAV / AIFF). It is a paid site but, it is very cheap and the amount of music that allows you to download is according to what you pay. Think about it, each track on Beatport costs around $ 1.40 USD, so paying a $ 9.99 USD membership in Soundeo will allow you to download 150 tracks, so it’s worth considering.

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